Ellen McCown

Artist Statement:

Many paintings were created “plein air” (outdoors) over recent years. I love the expansive experience that comes with working in nature. The outer world impacts the inner world; sensing inwardly, what fascinates, and letting it flow outwardly, through brush, paint, and canvas. I’m most interested in allowing the primary feeling of intimacy to come forth, that is, what moves the heart in response to what is seen or known. I grew up at the edge of a river and appreciate, love the subtle changing face of water influenced by weather, light, color and sky.

Most paintings of water and sky were created at the edge of Lake Washington in Seattle. Some of the landscape paintings came forth from an internal theme or understanding such as change or conflict, and were expressed while observing nature. Older landscapes were painted while living in rural agricultural regions of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Small paintings were painted very quickly with the aim to express a fleeting visual theme. Included are a few early works of varied mediums. Movement toward fully abstract work is evolving; my hope is to continue to grow in painting toward what I might feel is mature painting. How this happens is a mystery and creates an inward yearning to come forth through mystery.